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Friday, March 23, 2007

Moral Vicissitudes of a Resurgent India

As i look back in retrospect, i think of the 27 years and a few months of my life as a supposedly bright individual with mediocre to modest achievements. A guy who has the potential in him, who is almost there but never actually there, much like our Team India with whom we Indians share a love-hate relationship. Co-incidentally as i write this post now, our over-hyped Indian cricket team is being mauled mercilessly by the Sri Lankans at Port Of Spain and India is on the verge of elimination from the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 .Well, as the paper tigers bite dust in the Caribbean backyard without even reaching the Super-8 stage, all the commotion and media-generated hullabaloo dies a sudden death. The writing is on the wall, the Blue Billion Express has derailed and the real Asian tigers Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are here to stay. Tomorrow, newspapers shall write obituaries and an epitaph outside the Indian dressing room would read ..

"Adios Team India !!!! You disgraced one-sixth of humanity. Cricket is no longer our religion and Sachin is NOT our God.""

Well !!! , being one of the thousands perhaps millions of the public school educated guys hailing from a middle class family born and brought up in the morally and intellectually deprived Capital of India, I witnessed Delhi becoming increasingly ruthless to the people who are not rich. The have-nots of the society who may not have that much money but they do have the etiquette, the civic sense or at least the moral righteousness to show courtesy towards the fellow motorist on the road, the elderly, the neighbour next door, the lone lady walking down the street who does not want to be stalked or teased by hawk-eyed males and just wants to have her right of reaching her home safely in the day or the night. The rickshawallah who can file a criminal case or simply an F.I.R. without greasing the palms of the omnipotent police and risks being shooed off because he did not have any of the two privileges, the second most important being "Right political contact".

The sheer inability to do something in order to solve this conundrum haunts our generation and as the billion hopes sink tonight in the Caribbean, there is still some hope which floats as an eternal optimist sum where hollers and says, "East or West - India is the best !!!! "


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datz a wonderful simile of ur life wid team india...waitin 2 c more of ur works